About the Blog

My name is Daniel D’Ordine, and I am a personal financial adviser based in New York City. I run a financial planning firm called DDO Advisory Services, LLC, and work with clients from New York to New England – families, professionals, small business owners, Baby Boomers, and retirees.

My goal is to use this blog as a platform to discuss, explain, and explore personal finance topics that are critical to helping you reach your goals. I’ll specifically focus on topics that I find important, and intentionally ignore topics that I find irrelevant. For example, focusing on insurance, estate planning, and retirement planning, and not on stock picking, flipping properties, or credit card points.

The main premise is this: if you need to work so that you can pay your bills and save for your retirement, then you should read this blog.

A main theme that will permeate the posts here is this: as you save for your future goals (like buying a home or retiring), you will still need to maintain a strong defense (think liquidity, insurance, estate plan), so that your future goals won’t become derailed if you can no longer work (illness, injury, death, etc.). Hope for the best, plan for the worst.


Daniel D’Ordine, CFP®
DDO Advisory Services, LLC

Please note: The contents of this blog are for informational purposes only. Therefore, none of the blog’s content should be construed as financial, legal, investment, insurance, tax, or other advice of any kind.